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Stephanie Johnson and Bridget Moynahan.

Celebrity Sightings

Stephanie’s bags were personally requested by Maria Shriver to be a part of the VIP gift bags that were given to the speakers at the recent California Women’s Conference ( Recipients of the JoJo cosmetic bag included such notable women as Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Deborah Norville, Jenny McCarthy, Gloria Steinem, Rita Wilson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Madeleine Albright, Christiane Amanpour, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, and others. This inspirational day has now become an annual event for the women in Stephanie’s office, and they are already planning on attending next year…!

Cameron Diaz is also a fan of Stephanie’s bags and was seen making a stop at Flight 001 in New York City, where she purchased the KENYA Aqua Medium Zip and Small Zip. Check out our press page to see the feature on Cameron and the cute bags in Life & Style Weekly and the holiday issue of Lucky Magazine.

This might sound like gossip, but we witnessed it with our own eyes…One of Stephanie’s bags was spotted on Gossip Girl! Yes, that’s right gossip lovers; young fashion designer Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) was seen spilling the contents of her tote on the hit show, which included the KENYA Small Zip. xoxo

What would you give as a birthday gift to the girl who seemingly has everything? In Hollywood, golden gals Hillary Duff and her sister, Haylie, were thrilled to be the recipients of Stephanie’s Gold Sunset Boulevard collection at Hillary’s birthday party in Hollywood.

What would you do if Andy Garcia personally called you: A. Drop the phone or B. Say ‘yes’ to whatever he asked. Thankfully, when he rang the office we had the composure to get him more of his daughter’s favorite, the ELISABETH Carry On, and did not (phew!) drop any phones.

Grace and manners go a long way in Hollywood, which is why Teri Hatcher is not only a certified star but also a lady. The Desperate Housewife sent a note full of thanks and praise for her beloved SAVANNAH carryall. She does Miss Manners proud.

Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross were both smitten with our OSLO Totes at Hollywood’s AFI event. They may spend their days in a cul-de-sac, but by night these two are red carpet veterans who appreciate a little organizational luxury.

Ginnifer Goodwin may be new on the scene but the girl walks the line with the best of them! Her new OSLO Stephanie Johnson bag inspired some Big Love in the budding starlet.

Britney Spears has recently acquired a new bundle of joy! The pop princess not only has a baby boy on her arm, but Star Magazine also caught her toting the ML Traveler. This just goes to show two cute accessories are always better than one.

She may look like just the girl next door but Heather Graham is no stranger to the good life. The birthday girl received a bushel of bags from generous gal pal Bridget Moynahan who herself boasts a collection of 40.

Screen siren and former Carrie Bradshaw nemesis Bridget Moynahan is what we call an SJ Addict. The leggy brunette recently brought her poolside favorites, the NATALIE and KAREN Totes to a top-secret tropical spa getaway. Oh if bags could talk!

She’s a tough as nails crime investigator on CSI Miami, but Emily Procter is the picture of southern hospitality. The generous host often bestows the gift of organization upon visiting guests in the form of Stephanie Johnson travel bags.

Who makes time to think about monogramming with a press secretary and leader of the free world breathing down your neck? The West Wing’s Janel Maloney does, which is why the entire cast was given a selection of BRIDGET Clamshells and SALLY Tri-folds, each with their own initials.

There we were, diligently checking the office voicemail when the voice of Jamie Lee Curtis came on! Mother, screen icon and national treasure, the actress gushed with such elegance about her favorite cosmetic bags, the office blushed in unison. We love that we’re in Jamie’s cell phone!

Rock Stars hit the road and cover thousands of miles on tour. But what about the traveling companions who keep them sane and happy? Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas makes sure his girl Jaymie Dizon is organized beautifully with one of our classics and her favorite, the JENNY Train Case.

Spanish screen siren Penelope Cruz has enough personal style to appreciate the pretty and the practical. She left the AFI’s donning more than one SJ accessory.

Like most blonde starlets, Tara Reid needs to be able to pick up and go at a moment's notice. On the set or in the Hamptons, this 'It' Girl can now tote her favorite possessions between Rodeo and Madison Avenue without thinking twice.

The not-at-all Mean Girl Lindsay Lohan had her cake and ate it too while scooping up her birthday loot. The SJ fan walked away with an armful for her 19th birthday bash.


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